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Proven Leadership in Challenging Times

In 2010, when I was first elected to the Jefferson County Commission – Alabama’s largest local government – the county was in a mess. As examples, the county was in default on $3.2 billion of sewer debt and more than $100 million of general obligation debt; the audits were three years past due; the indigent care hospital was averaging only 37 patients a night and losing $10-$15 million a year; and the county’s nursing home was losing another $2-$3 million annually. All of these challenges – and more – have been successfully resolved and the county’s government has been fiscally and operationally restored.

What Others Say About David

DONALD HESS: “When I recruited David from Houston to Birmingham over 40 years ago I knew that he would have a huge impact on our business, but I never imagined the impact that he and Sonia would have on our community. All of the citizens of Alabama need politicians who are smart and articulate, practical and pragmatic, fair and honest. David has all of those qualities in addition to being passionate about making our state the best that it can be.”

MARYNELL FORD: “David is one of the most driven and innovative people I know. In 1982, years before the internet and website shopping, David got the “crazy” idea that we could program Atari game machines to recommend Christmas gift ideas for Parisian shoppers. Not only did he do it, but it was the “World’s First Electronic Catalog”! David’s unique ability to see what is and the potential of what can be is one of his strengths. He is a man of action, accountability and results.”

OTHELL PHILLIPS: “When you work with someone on a daily basis, you get to know them pretty well. You will not find a man anywhere that has more integrity, drive, morals or work ethic than David Carrington. Alabama needs a person with a proven track record who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. We need him in the Governor’s office.”

KIM HALLMARK: “I’ve never been so excited and hopeful for the future of Alabama politics. David is the consummate professional, no detail is too small, a true leader, fair, honest and the most skilled negotiator I’ve ever met.”

KEN KLEE: “David Carrington is a proven leader of the highest integrity. He is a problem solver with the ability to forge a consensus without sacrificing his core values. The people of Alabama will be fortunate to have David serve as their 55th Governor.”

DIL USWATEE:”‘Sweet Home Alabama’ just became so much sweeter now that David Carrington decided to run for Governor! Thanks to his ethical leadership, brilliant mind, and deep passion to serve others, David is the leader we need and deserve!”

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