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David’s 4Us Vision

If you’re like me, you’re frustrated that Alabama’s K-12 education system and median family income consistently ranks in the bottom 10% nationwide. That has to change! I believe in setting audacious, seemingly unachievable goals – and then working tirelessly to achieve them. “My Four U’s 4Us” Vision for Alabama focuses on…
  • Unifying Us with Trustworthy Leadership
  • Upgrading Education In and Out
  • Unlocking Jobs In and Up
  • Untangling the Mess in Montgomery

Unifying Us With Trustworthy Leadership

Developing and implementing real solutions to the state’s problems is going to require trustworthy leaders – leaders who have a proven track record of making difficult decisions regardless of the political consequences. It’s easy for a candidate for public office to proclaim his or her trustworthiness, but as we know from our many convicted politicians, including our last governor and speaker, as well as three of my four predecessors as president of the Jefferson County Commission, that isn’t always the case. I fully understand that it is up to me to continuously earn the public’s trust with my decisions, actions and statements. I can assure you that my relationships with God, my wife, my family, and those who have placed their confidence in me are too important for me to do otherwise.

Upgrading Education

In & Out

My vision is that we embark on a strategic path to move Alabama’s K-12 system from the bottom 10% to the top 25% in the next decade. Among other things, we need to fully fund Pre-K, restore funding for the Alabama Reading Initiative, expand vocational-technical programs and fully embrace dual enrollment. In addition to those “in school” initiatives, we need to double-down on our workforce development efforts for those “out of school”, including expanding post high school career tech training programs and offering basic math and reading courses to the more than 500,000 Alabama working adults who can’t escape the trap of a low paying job because they don’t have a high school degree.

Unlocking Jobs In & Up

My vision is that we embark on a strategic path to move Alabama’s median family income from the bottom 10% to the top 50% in the next decade. I am often told by employers that they can’t find enough qualified employees – and I’m often told by those looking for work that they can’t find a job. Many of our college graduates don’t have a marketable degree; many of our high school graduates don’t have a marketable skill; and many of our minimum wage employees don’t have a high school degree. It’s important that we get our citizens “in” the job market and then provide them with multiple training avenues to move “up” in their career choice. Not only will more citizens be employed, individual employees will experience a better quality of life, and the state will enjoy higher revenues without raising taxes.

Untangling the Mess in Montgomery

When I was first elected to the Jefferson County Commission in 2010, the county was in a mess, just like Alabama’s state government is today. So, I rolled up my sleeves, set audacious, seemingly unachievable goals, and then worked tireless with others to achieve them – just like I’ll do as your next governor. Sir Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber”. It’s past time for the eagles in every Alabama county, city and town to drown out the voices of the parrots who jabber, “We’re doing the best we can with what we have”. That’s balderdash! We can do better – and we must do better for our children and grandchildren – but it’s going to require a new brand of leadership in the governor’s office, one who has a proven track record of cleaning up messes created by others.

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